An Interview with Randall Morley 

Q: How did you get started in photography?
A: My Uncle gave me a Rolleicord camera when I was about 10 years old. I have been making photos ever since. I graduated from Art Center College of Design in 1973 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.
Q: Is that when you started making photos professionally?
A: Well, I did some professional work while I was in college, but I opened my first studio in early 1974. It was difficult in the beginning, but eventually I started getting assignments. I began receiving referrals from many of my clients. Before long I was pretty busy with photo projects. Most of my clients have been with me for many years.
Q: Why is that?
A: I think I have a pretty easy going personality. People like working with me. I know how to listen and understand the assignments and I pay attention to detail. That’s really important. I also know that my fees have always been very reasonable, and I have consistently been on time and on budget with my assignments.
Q: What goes in to making a really good photograph?
A: Obviously good cameras and equipment and the knowledge to use it. But I think the knowledge of lighting is by far the most challenging and important part of making a great photograph. I am able to look at any photo assignment or situation and intuitively know how it should be lighted. School teaches you a lot, but it can't teach you everything about lighting.
Q: Why should someone choose you to do their photo assignments?
A: I have the experience and creativity to make great photos. A great photo sells products and services. It's true that a picture is worth a thousand words, and a well done photo speaks volumes about the company it represents.
Q: Anything to add to that?
A: If I was looking for a commercial and advertising photography studio for my next project, Morley Photography would be my first choice!